Vision, values and strategic objectives

The principle which guides us is to be a competent and reliable partner for our clients and cooperating firms, and equally a reliable and stable employer for our staff. That requires corporate transparency and openness which are the basis of confidence. Therefore we have decided to publish the cornerstones of our company‚Äôs philosophy on our website.


Rapp Trans DE on top of the consultancy firms for ITS applications and services in Germany.


The corporate philosophy as defined hereunder reflects a culture that is practised by Rapp Trans Germany. It is based on the personal attitude of the executives and staff and the excellent business contacts with Rapp Trans Headquarters in Basel.  

  • Esteem and respect: We trust in respect and esteem for each other and our clients and partner companies. We take people's concerns seriously and are open in discussions and encourage also constructive criticism which will never blame others or suppress opinions, but be helpful and beneficial.

  • Family-friendly: Most of the Rapp Trans staff and executives have families with children. We see to it that they have sufficient time for their families. We are convinced that we can accomplish our work more successful with a fair balance between job and family life. We always try to be understanding and helpful, when occasions arise where help is needed. That however requires perfect team work and everybody's extraordinary commitment.

  • Economical: We will see to a careful and economical use of resources, and that not only to protect the environment, but also to save money and resources. If we have the impression that our support in a project is no longer necessary, we do not try to exhaust the budgetary framework.

  • Secure and stable: Job security is becoming increasingly important for people in rapidly changing environments. We are looking for employees who pursue a long-term employment relationship and have branch-specific experience or are happy to develop this experience with us. We can offer a chance for an interesting professional career, a permanent contract and job security.

  • Competent: Competence is the most important quality in the consulting business. The demands placed on our employees are manifold and we know that high intellect and professional expertise alone will not do.  What we also want from our staff is social competence and willingness to qualify their soft skills.

  • Curious and interested: Everybody learns from experience. Consultants are all the time faced with new situations and work fields. The good news is that this job will never be boring. Curiosity and interest in anything new are the prerequisites for making you happy in this job. Never-ending curiosity, natural interest and a fruitful exchange of ideas with others are the essential components of life-long learning and the creativity for finding novel solutions.

  • Service-orientated and independent: The Rapp Trans policy implies client-orientated consultancy and service. That should not be misunderstood as opportunism but demonstrate our efforts to give support till the envisaged goal is reached. Our clients may choose which of the services we offer they want to make use of.

  • Enjoying teamwork: Interesting topics and a friendly atmosphere make us enjoy working in a team.


We consult clients from both the public and the private sector on their projects in the field of Intelligent transport systems. Our services are orientated at the entire value chain ranging from the development of a strategy via tender specifications, design of work and implementation up to acceptance testing of the ITS systems. We are independent consultants and represent the interest of our clients outwards. Our clients benefit from the up-to-date knowledge of our competent working teams in this sector. Our economic handling of resources, the investments into international research projects, the development of standard specifications and further training of our staff as well as a family-friendly working atmosphere create sustainable growth of the company and stability and security for our staff. That is our way to reach the top of ITS consultancies in Germany.