Rapp Trans DE in Germany is member of the Rapp Trans Group and was founded in March 2011. This young company has meanwhile established a position of respect in the German ITS-community. The team around the two executives Daniel Ohst and Robert Yen is handling both national and international projects in the fields of Electronic Toll Collection, Intelligent Transport Systems, and mobility.

Our project activities include support in tender specifications, monitoring of operation and upgrading of systems, studies (as part of research assignments) from liability problems with ITS applications and services to quality requirements for congestion tail data. We also analyse business models and develop strategies for service providers. Our consultants have a sound specialist knowledge and experience gained in international projects. They are open in discussions and attentive listeners to our business partners, when expert help is needed to organise work and provide additional resources.

The outcome of an active exchange of ideas within Rapp Trans DE and with the other subsidiaries of the Rapp Group is a good guarantee for finding the perfect know-how for our clients. Interdisciplinary team work of economists, transport engineers, IT-specialists and humanists widens horizons and opens up new perspectives and solutions for the mobility of the future. We use our expertise to the best benefit of our clients.

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