Electronic toll collection

Electronic toll collection systems are among the most widespread ITS-applications. Rapp can look back at almost 20 years of experience in suppporting the procurement, the implementation and the operation of national electronic tolling systems. During that long time we have provided consulting services to both public and private operators. 

Highlighted can be the contract as Technical Advisor of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) with respect to Germany’s truck toll system, which was awarded to Rapp in 2015. Hence, from 2011 onwards we are the main consultant of the BMVI concerning German truck tolls. 

Technical advice on Truck Tolling in Germany

Germany introduced a distance-based toll for trucks in 2005. Toll Collect was the company responsible for implementation of the system and has since then operated the electronic toll collection and compliance checking system.

Since November 2011, Rapp has been supporting the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI, then BMVBS) and the Federal Office for Goods (BAG) on technical questions concerning the truck toll. Topics include the operation of the current toll system, the extension of the system to include federal roads, the introduction of the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS), the tendering procedure for the 2018 Operator Agreement and due Diligence.

Consulting services GO Maut Austria

The «GO Maut» - the nationwide toll system for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes in Austria - is ready for the future. At the end of June 2018, the world's first complete renewal of a nationwide tolling system has successfully been completed. ASFINAG – the Austrian Motorway Operator - migrated the entire tolling system without interruption of operation and with a minimum loss of revenue. The «GO Maut» collects two thirds of ASFINAG's toll revenues of around 2 billion Euros per year. Therefore, a timely preparation of the tender and the frictionless rollout of the new «GO Maut 2.0 toll system» had highest priority.

From 2015 to June 2018 Rapp Trans supported ASFINAG in defining the procurement strategy, preparing the tender documents, evaluating the bids and implementing the «GO Maut 2.0» in the area of technical consultancy, testing and project management. In addition to the required «technology refresh», the annual operating costs could also be significantly reduced by the new call for tender.

iMONITRAF! – Toll Plus System

The Alpine regions of the iMONITRAF! network have identified the need for a more targeted and harmonised pricing system in the sensitive mountain regions and propose the implementation of a Toll Plus System as additional and differentiated pricing measure. Toll Plus is a mark-up on existing tolls on the motorways that cross the Alps, in accordance with European regulations (esp. Eurovignette Directive). Previous work on Toll Plus has identified that local businesses in the Alpine region might be negatively affected by the increased motorway tolls of a Toll Plus System.

Rapp contributed to a next step of the Toll Plus design by investigating options for special regulations that alleviate the economic burden of a Toll Plus System for regional transport. Based on an investigation of examples of regulations in Europe that might serve as a template or an inspiration for defining exemption rules for regional transport and an analysis of data on Alpine crossing heavy vehicle traffic, several recommendations were drafted.

Tests carried out for the truck toll system in Belgium

Since 1 April 2016, all trucks above 3.5 tonnes have to pay a kilometer-based charge on Belgian motorways. Satellic was appointed by Viapass in July 2014 as the toll operator for the three regions in Belgium.

Rapp has carried out the independent monitoring and evaluation of tests in connection with the implementation of the Belgian truck toll system.