For many years Rapp is giving support in the development and implementation of interoperability projects at different levels, e.g. for the European Commission, for ministries and authorities or for public and private operators.

Knowing the requirements of our clients together with our work in standardisation and our experience gained from many European tolling projects enable us to develop pragmatic solutions for our clients.

EETS study: Regulatory influences, market potential and competitive environment

The European electronic toll service (EETS) will simplify the payment of road tolls by transnational users and is intended to complement the national electronic road toll services of the EU member states.

Despite many efforts by many stakeholders, the EETS is still not a reality in the everyday life of road users. Therefore the following question arises: Will the EETS ever become reality and is it worthwhile to register as an EETS Provider? Various legal, economic and technical challenges related to the introduction of the EETS that influence the current tolling world were analysed by Rapp and presented in an internal study.

Click here - publication: Rapp EETS study (in German)


This project aimed to provide EETS-compliant services in a cross-border regional area (REETS) formed by the following countries: Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and Switzerland.

Rapp supported the German Ministry of Transport (BMVI) in its tasks within the REETS-TEN project, for example with respect to contractual aspects, certification, interoperability management, information platform and coordination of pilot projects.

Click here - audio file: REETS and EETS (in German)

Development of an EETS strategy for various potential EETS Providers

EETS will enable road users to pay tolls throughout the EU on the basis of a single contract with an EETS Provider and with a single on-board unit. In connection with service performance and cost efficiency, services such as system development and marketing also play a key role in the economic success of an EETS Provider.

Rapp has developed a suitable EETS strategy with various (potential) EETS Providers (including Trafineo, DKV, AGES). Topics included were the analysis of the acceptance conditions, the development and evaluation of potential scenarios and the calculation of the business case.