Rapp is in a position to inform its clients on the latest developments, as we are playing an active role in the CEN/ISO standardisation of toll and ITS systems.

Participation CEN/ISO standards

Rapp is actively involved in the preparation of toll and ITS standards for CEN and ISO.

Also the area of frequency regulation is closely followed. For example, the use of the 5 GHz band for services other than toll collection will interfere with microwave-based tolling and compliance checking. It is not only about potential interference of ITS-G5 systems (in Germany in particular the interference between ITS-G5 and CEN DSRC for enforcement), but also about potential interference from other (non-ITS) services based on WAS/RLAN. Therefore, Rapp has recommended the BMVI to play an active role in the discussion on the protection of microwave-based tolling technology, for example by making statements in the name of the German government towards the ECC and the WRC-15 in order to prevent ITS services (including toll collection) from disturbances by other (non) ITS services.